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Creative Thoughts

a writing journal

Weylyn42's Writing Journal
29 January
Hi. This is the writing journal of weylyn42.

Personal info on the author can be found at my regular LJ, or my website

Included in this journal are 3 novels I've written for National Novel Writing Month: Total Eclipse, Divine Madness and Prayer Box. These portions of the journal are friends only, so if you want to be added to read these stories, and other NaNo WriMo works just leave a message on any post and I'll friend you.

Also posted in this journal is other writing, (from challenges such as 400words or theblitz) or from other inspiration. My other writitng, which is not as much a "work in progress" as the novels, is open to the general public. I welcome any comments or constructive criticism on my work.

All work presented here is mine unless otherwise noted, so please ask before you use any of it.

Materials contained in this journal are copyright 2003-2013 Christy Shorey All Rights Reserved.

NaNo WriMo 2013
She Can't Unsee *(working title)